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Accidents and Disasters in Scotland in the 19th & 20th Centuries

Tombstone Territory
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Some pictures during years of graveyard fatigue!!


A family Memorial Card





This is just a very tiny collection of photographs taken by
John Keir Cross whilst on the family history trail. Some snippets about the work of the Two Johns in cleaning up old gravestones are included in "Cross Country"

The pictures are as follows

Top : The Two Johns in their glory at Kilmaronock Churchyard in May 1989 ( a month before Wee John died ) digging out the stone to the Philips family. Elizabeth Bruce Cross married Thomas Philips of Ross Priory.

Next : William Cross standing on Lair No 140 at Erskine
Old Kirkyaird where the Crosses and related families sleep
the great sleep.

Next : William Cross at Killearn Old Kirkyaird : In search of the Keirs and McFarlanes

Bottom : The Anderson family stone re-erected by the Two Johns - Holytown Churchyard

Pictures taken by the late John Keir Cross

Scottish Disasters