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Accidents and Disasters in Scotland in the 19th & 20th Centuries

Scottish Coal Mining Disasters of 19th Century

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In the talk about Scottish Coal Mining Disasters I cover the following events :

Great Scottish Mining Disasters of the 19th Century

1839 - Househillwood Colliery Disaster Barrhead,
Renfrewshire 9 dead
1841 - Hamilton Pit Explosion, Lanarkshire 11 dead
1849 - Wishaw Pit Explosion, Lanarkshire 9 dead
1850 - Airdrie Pit Explosion, Lanarkshire 18 dead
1851 - Nitshill Pit Explosion, Renfrewshire 60 killed
1860 - Benston Pit Disaster, Johnstone, Renfrewshire 5
1861 - Summerlee Pit Fire, Larkhall, Lanarkshire 13 dead
1877 - Blantyre Pit Disasters, Lanarkshire over 200 dead
1877 - Home Farm Flood, near Hamilton, Lanarkshire 4 drown
1878 - Barrwood Pit Disaster, Kilsyth, Stirlingshire 17
1878 - High Blantyre Mine Accident, Lanarkshire 6 dead
1879 - Blantyre Pit Disaster Lanarkshire 28 dead
1887 - Udson Pit Disaster Hamilton, Lanarkshire 73 dead
1889 - Mauricewood Disaster Penecuik 70 dead
1895 - Quarter Pit Accident, Hamilton, Lanarkshire 13
1895 - Kinneddar No2 Pit Accident, Stirlingshire 9 killed
1895 - Auchinharvie Pit, disaster, Ayrshire 9 killed
1897 - Devon Furnacebank Pit Disaster 6 drown

A list of all the dead in these disasters is available from the Compiler of this site. Most of these incidents feature in one or other of the Accidents books. A separate list for a particular disaster can always be provided at talks/ presentations - on request - eg if the event does not feature in one of the Accidents books. A separate list of all the dead from the above disasters is available from the compiler - e-mail for details of the cost of any single list / complete list, with over 500 names of the victims .

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