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Accidents and Disasters in Scotland in the 19th & 20th Centuries

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Some earlier books in the Accidents in Scotland series


Forgot and Gone features four major steamship disasters. The Earl Gray, Greenock, in 1835. The Telegraph, Helensburgh, in 1842, The Orion, Portpatrick, 1850, and The Duke of Sutherland, Aberdeen, 1853. The book covers 40 incidents with the names of 150 victims.

" I'll wander on, wi' tentless heed
How never halting moments speed,
Till fate shall snap the brittle thread;
Then, all unknown,
I'll lay me with th' inglorious dead,
Forgot and Gone " Epistle to James Smith - Burns

Unfortunately, " Forgot and Gone " is currently out of print but a photostat copy is available on request for anyone who requires a full set of the entire Accidents series.

Below : My late brother, Charlie Cross ( 1955-1995 ) ( pictured right ) with the compiler. The picture was taken at Holytown Churchyard, near Newhouse, Scotland. We are at the grave of our great grandfather, Andrew Pettigrew, who was killed in coal mining accident in 1902.

charlie and i at holytown.jpg


Some further family photographs -click below

Still Available at 3.00 + postage


"That Dark Inn " contains a number of major Accidents, including The Shapinsay Boat Disaster ( Orkney ), in 1822,

Kippsbyre Coat Pit Disaster ( Airdrie ) from 1831, Roxburgh Railway Bridge Accident from 1849, The Peterhead Pier storms of 1849, the Cowlairs Railway Disaster ( Glasgow ) from 1850. A list is given of those who died on board the ill-fated HMS Hercules, an emigrant ship from 1852 on a voyage to Australia. There are in total the names of over 500 victims of disasters included in the book. Copies still available at 4.50 plus postage ( 0.50p UK / 1.50 Overseas ). The book will not be reprinted.

Picture below : William Cross in Italy Summer 2004


The Awful Shadow, the 5th Accidents book contains

over 30 separate incidents, with close on 1000 names of

victims and survivors in the index. The centre piece

event is the Eyemouth Fishing Boat disaster of 1881.

Also featured are a cluster of accidents from Aberdeen

The Ferry Boat tragedy from 1876 and the fire at the

People's Palace from 1896. The Edwards Spinning Mills

disaster from Dundee in 1859 stands out too. The 101

people who survived the Annie Jane sinking in 1853 are

also listed. The book is available at 4.50 + postage.

Contact me at for latest offers.

Picture on left Me and Ryan William ( having fun Minehead Summer 2004 )


Scottish Disasters