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Accidents and Disasters in Scotland in the 19th & 20th Centuries

Cross Country : Latest

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Cross Country is the story of one Renfrewshire family over the last two hundred years. The book is 96 pages long, and will be of interest to folk with ancestors or kin who hailed from Renfrewshire.

The book is available at Cost 5.00 + 0.75p postage UK - or 1.50 postage Overseas.

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for mentioning the book in the July Newsletter.

Cross Country ISBN 0 9528575 7 X

Extracts from Cross Country - Just a little Taster!!!

The picture of the 19th century domestic scene ....the wee but 'n ben... was very plain and modest...the beds were huge boxes, the rest of the furniture was the same. Not one in a hundred could boast of mahogany articles, the tables being fir, the chairs hardwood....the house and dairy utensils were chiefly made of wood and often of the clumsiest kind.....

Renfrewshire in 1836

There were floods in the County. A great deal of the hay was not cut and it stood all through the frosts and snows of winter....

Bishopton in 1857

In a snap shot of Bishopton from an old OS shows a community of only a few dozen dwellings, many by the roadside. Then there are the Churches, schools, a Post Office, several Inns and the Smithies...The latter were really important for this was still the days of horse, cart and stagecoach.


Elizabeth Cross (1800 - 1881) was a fieldworker in Erskine.

To avoid being driven onto the poor roll women like Elizabeth had to take up any kind of work that was available. She is also described sometime as a washerwoman.

This was among the least attractive, unskilled lowly jobs of the parish. These duties could include ( as that of any pauper ) some grim tasks as washing the bodies of the sick and dying and even the dead before burial......

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