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Details about Compiler! : William Cross FSA ( Scot )

William has recently taken early retirement after 28 years working in London in the Civil Service. The family home is now in Newport, South Wales. William enjoys a variety of hobbies and interests including walking, genealogy, theatre and freemasonry. He is the Editor of the Renfrewshire Family History Society Journal and has written a number of articles for family history magazines and published several booklets.

William is available to give talks to local and to FHSs on Scottish Family History, on Accidents and Disasters in Scotland, and on his own family tree.

Other titles available from the compiler :

Family History Series :

Henry Bell Cross : Ploughman, Harbourmaster and Poet 1992
Cost 2.00 plus postage 0.50p UK, 0.75p Overseas.

Paisley's Electoral Roll for 1847 4.00 plus postage 0.50p
UK, 0.75p Overseas ( VERY SMALL NUMBER LEFT )

A Ramble Around the Gravestones in Woodside Cemetery, Paisley 1865 ( AVAILABLE ON E-mail/ CD/ FLOPPY DISC 5.00 postage 0.50p UK, 1.50 Overseas)

Freeholders of Lanarkshire 3.00 plus 0.50p postage UK, 1.50 Overseas. Also on CD/ Floppy

Accidents & Disasters in Scotland Series :

Hurried Into Eternity ISBN 0 9528575 0 2 Out of print
CD/ Floppy /Phtotostat availabe if whole series purchased
Contact compiler

Forgot and Gone ISBN 0 9528575 1 0 Out of print
CD/ Floppy/ Photostat available if whole series purchased
Contact compiler

The Mystic Bridge ISBN 0 9528575 2 9 4.50 + 0.50p postage

That Dark Inn ISBN 0 9528575 3 7 4.50 +
0.50p postage

The Awful Shadow ISBN 0 9528575 4 5 4.50 +
0.50 postage

An Obscure Grave ISBN 0 9528575 5 3 4.50 +
0.50p postage

A Handful of Dust ISBN 09528575 6 1 5.00 +
0.75p postage

POSTAGE 1.50 Overseas per book.

Other details on any of these publications please contact the compiler by e-mail at

Correspondence to 58, Sutton Road, Newport, Gwent, South Wales NP19 7JF.

Above : Burnt out Troop Train : Gretna 1915 - over 200 soldiers killed and many injured... featured in Handful of Dust. To be published 1 August 2005

Orders for A Handful of Dust

The pre-print orders for new booklet have now ended. The new book A Handful of Dust ( comprising 60 pages ) with over 20 events is 0.50p postage UK - Overseas
postage add 2.00.

Currently another title " Cross Country " ( a story of one Renfrewshire family over the last 200 years ) is available at 5.00 plus 0.75p postage UK or 2.00 postage Overseas.

BUY BOTH BOOKS FOR 10.00 ( UK Only ) Overseas 11.00.

This book has some memorable characters, stories and legends.

This new book is 96 pages long.

The Map below features my beloved Renfrewshire.

map resized.jpg

Accidents and Disasters in Scotland in the 19th & 20th Centuries

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Welcome Modern

Greetings and thanks for visiting this Web Site

William Cross : Site Compiler

Hello. This website is in tribute to those who have perished in Accidents and Disasters in Scotland in the last two centuries. In the period from 1995 to 2000 I wrote 6 books all about these events covering the period from 1800 to 1915. The books all featured lists of those who died in well over 500 different Accidents. An Obscure Grave, see alongside, was the last book published.

LATEST : 2005 marks the publication of the 7th book " A Handful of Dust " which covers the period 1915-1930. The book is now available. Cost is 5.00. plus 0.75p postage UK 1.50 Overseas.


See some family groups and individuals.


Gretna Disaster 22 May 1915

Burnt out train - Over 200 soldiers killed

Event is featured in A Handful of Dust with names of all
the dead

The Mystic Bridge : 3rd Accident booklet. A very small number
of copies left.



Latest Book by William Cross


be available from 19 November





An Obscure Grave ISBN 0 9528575 5 3
Available at 4.50 plus 50p postage UK( 1.50 Overseas)

Picture below - : A View of the Clyde and Erskine Golfcourse from Freeland of Erskine.

This picure appears on the front cover of " Cross Country "
the latest publication I have produced.

The picture evokes a huge memory. It was taken by the late John Keir Cross, of Carluke, when we were out exploring our beloved Renfrewshire sometime in the 1980s. My late father John Cross was also in the squad that day, visiting the old Ferrymaster's house at Erskine Ferry crossing point.

In the distance, across the River is Bowling, and its oil refinery and you can just see the spire point of the memorial to Henry Bell the steam pioneer, famous for putting the very first steamship "Comet" on the Clyde, the first in Europe in 1812.

Henry Bell 1767-1830 is linked to the Cross family. A great mystery story hangs there, worthy of a book sometime.

Freeland of Erskine is one of the houses in the Blantyre Estate. The old Coachman's House and Erskine Stables are also in the vicinity. Several members of the Cross and related Wilson families worked by Lord Blantyre. Full details of this are in " Cross Country".

Order your copy of " Cross Country " NOW.

Erskine Church and Churchyard are a short distance too from this spot - where many of the Cross family and related families of Wilson, Bryce, Cowie, Braid, Matheson, Gibb, Robertson, Carrick, Hamilton and others sleep the great sleep. Contact me for further details about Erskine Church and its Auld Kirkyaird.

Other sites to visit in Erskine include the monument to the Lords Blantyre, on the road from Bishopton to Erskine Church, Old Inns, one of the old stage coach changing points and Laigh Hatton - where the founders of the Cross family in Renfrewshire, James Cross ( 1765-1846 ) and Jean Bryce ( 1766-1847 ) lived out their last days. Some buildings from their early times survive, the old schoolhouse, several other Inns, farm steadings - and houses built by Henry Wilson - grandson of the family's
founders from the early 20th century.

Please contact me if your family have links ( past or present ) with Renfrewshire.

I'd love to hear from you!

Scottish Disasters